"Zoe Winters is a professional animator from Seattle, Washington. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in DX (digital arts) and Japanese language, each one of her art pieces is supported by education and research. Her career is on the rise as she has already collaborated with several famous creatives in America and has created her own strong presence online in the NFT space. Her collaborators include Streetwear mogul Ben Baller, who has not only collected her work but also worked with her to illustrate a Topps baseball card of Hideki Matsui. She has also collaborated with Michael Yamashita, a Japanese photographer for National Geographic in which she combined animation with his still photos. Right now, she is teaming up with a famous musician named Skizzy Mars, as she has created character animations to his music.
Zoe has major influences from East Asian art and culture. From a young age, she had been obsessed with gaming companies like Nintendo and Japanese Anime movies. As she grew older, she studied Japanese language and researched contemporary East Asian artists. She interned for a year with blue chip gallery, Gagosian, in Los Angeles and studied Murakami during her time there. As she was majoring in Digital art , she wasn't sure where room would be for digital artists hoping to enter a blue-chip gallery or museum since it had not yet been done. Luckily, her participation in Web3 and NFTS is accelerating her career quickly as her work has become extremely popular. 
Zoe says, "the meaningful, complex, and visually attractive narratives woven into East Asian art have fascinated me and continue to translate into my work.” As her artistic compositions explore the duality of light and darkness, viewers feel connected to the layers of emotions present in each piece she creates. Zoe is also pioneering in the space of AR (augmented reality) creating real world assets from 3d software. Each collector of her works receives their own AR character to place anywhere in the world through their phone. She will be one of the leading builders of the metaverse over the next decade. Pushing the boundaries and possibilities of digital art, she aims to reach people on a spiritual level through meaningful artwork while combating an era of isolation."

Published Article from the University of Washington: Into the crypto with Zoe Winters | Columns | dailyuw.com
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